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    The Estate Sale

    An Estate Sale is a comprehensive Personal Property Liquidation, usually conducted by a Professional service at a clients premises. It is typically a two or three day event which draws collectors, antique and second hand dealers, and the interested public. Price negotiations are a common feature of these sales, especially on the final day. Most people select a liquidator to conduct a sale for a variety of reasons. Individuals are often unaware of the value of the property, are sometimes emotionally distraught as a result of a loss, or are simply overwhelmed by the work and requirement involved. Conducting a sale of this type is not for the faint-hearted. Well advertised sales having interesting property can attract two thousand customers over a three day period.

    The Garage Sale

    Garage Sales are abbreviated versions of Estate Sales. Many of the procedures are the same, but typically Garage Sales deal with property of more modest value and require less staffing and set up time. Because of the limited yield it is often conducted by a single staff member in the garage and driveway of the home. Sometimes clients elect to conduct their own garage sale with pricing advice from the liquidator, and thus can maximize profit from the sale. Lux Estate Liquidators has all the necessary experience and facilities to conduct an orderly and successful event. We are fully licensed and insured.

    The Lux Estate Sale Procedure:

    • Consulting with clients, a complimentary service.
    • Reviewing the contents and estimating value.
    • Negotiating and accepting terms.
    • Developing a marketing plan.
    • Setting sale dates.
    • Advertising and conducting the sale.
    • Consigning unsold property of value.
    • Removing the balance of the contents, if requested.
    • Accounting and payment within seven working days.

    An Important Fact

    The key to success in Estate Liquidation is knowledge of the property’s value. All other features and mechanics involved are important but secondary. Our primary Appraiser, Steven Jesse Mazzio has 45 years of experience in the retail, wholesale, and liquidation trades, dealing with Antiques and personal property. He is an active Professional Appraiser affiliated with two prominent organizations and has been tested and accredited. Practical, refined knowledge is necessary to achieving a good Estate Sale result. We are ready to help.